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What’s Kiss Syndrome?

The KISS syndrome in English (Kinetic Imbalance due to Suboccipital Strain) or in its German formulation (Kopfgelenk Induziert Symetrie Störungen) groups together all functional manifestations with symmetry disturbances induced by the joints of the cranio-cervical junction.

In French, the abbreviation TIDAJCC had not grown up so let’s keep the expression KISS syndrome.

Knowing in the past, under the name of “blocking the Atlas”, was described in 1953 by Dr. Gottfried Gutmann. A little later, Dr. Biedermann took over and developed this research, both of whom are Germans and great specialists in manual therapy.

They connect this disorder to the symmetry disturbances induced by a blockage of the joints of the cranio-cervical junction; it plays a fundamental role in the coordination of movements and in body posture.

This cervical blockage is caused by pressure on the baby during pregnancy or delivery. This is what characterizes KISS syndrome, which is often confused with congenital torticollis.

It is estimated that this problem affects 5 to 8% of the population.

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