STEP 1: Diagnosis & Appointment
You will complete the pre-diagnosis questionnaire via the online form. You will also select an appointment date for the consultation.

STEP 2: Study of the file
The information provided by you in the form will allow us to conduct the study and treatment of your child as accurately as possible while listing the similarities with the different cases we have encountered in the past.

STEP 3: X-ray of cervical spine and pelvis
Before osteopathic care, it is important to exclude any other pathology that may contraindicate the child's manipulation. The requested radios do not therefore allow the diagnosis of KISS syndrome, but have a purpose of differential diagnosis. Have you already made the radios? Do not forget to send them via the form. If this is not the case yet, Dr. LARCHER can provide you with a prescription. Please indicate it in the dedicated field of the form.

STEP 4: First consultation appointment
After studying the file and the radios of your child, we wait for you on the date agreed together (STEP 1) in our cabinet of Avignon (Thursday)  for the first session treatment. The opportunity to diagnose (if necessary) the syndrome of KISS, to carry out if necessary the handling C0 / C1 (with medical certificate according to the Decree n ° 2007-435 of March 25, 2007) and to begin the craniosacral work in pair (1 osteopath and one doctor-osteopath).

STEP 5: Follow-up appointment n ° 1
About 1 month after the first session, it will be necessary to see the child again to verify the effectiveness and benefits of the initial treatment over time and to continue the treatment of your child's postural adjustments. The child's follow-up may vary depending on the case.

STEP 6: Follow-up appointment # 2 & End of treatment
Another month or so after the first follow-up appointment, we will see your child one last time to check that everything is fine. This will mark the end of the treatment.

The steps of care seem clear to you? Do you want your child to be diagnosed? Would you like to meet us in Avignon?

For who?

This treatment is for all children who have symptoms that may suggest that they have KISS syndrome.


Healing KISS syndrome can be very fast and can relieve your child's growth.


Thanks to the manipulation of your child in pairs (osteopath and doctor-osteopath) and in 3 sessions only.

By who?

Two experienced practitioners: several hundred children healed since 2011.



In our Avignon office every Thursday.